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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Dr Tony Nader

Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR

Vedic Dance Therapy

Enlivening the Relationship between Consciousness and Physiology
“Take dance as a system of medicine. Dance as therapy, as a system of health care.” - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi explained that Vedic Dance is a direct means to achieve Brahma Vidya, the totality of knowledge. Vedic Dance or Indian Classical Dance is the most natural and complete technology for enlivening transcendental, Self-referral Being and its expression in the physiology.

Vedic Dance Therapy is a powerful technique for health and well-being. Practicing the dance as well as seeing the dance performed creates bliss and balance, transforming the physiology, developing higher states of consciousness, and generating more coherence in collective consciousness.

Movement, gesture, expression, meaning, fine feeling, and Transcendental Consciousness are integrated and unified, and the dancer performs in an expression of wholeness, beauty, and bliss.

Vedic Dance is a sacred discipline, connecting the individual to the Supreme, the Divine. Arising from a dancer’s consciousness, the movements are created as an expression of the Self and a form of communication with the world.


Vedic Dance Therapy increases mind-body coordination. This beautiful form of artistic expression provides an excellent exercise in a blissful way. Benefits of practicing Vedic Dance include:

  • Increased strength and flexibility
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced feeling of energy and bliss

Maharishi said that Indian Classical Dance is essentially a Vedic performance. It has its basis in Total Natural Law which maintains all physiological functioning at the basis of self-referral consciousness and maintains orderly growth.

Vedic Dance is an aspect of Gandharva Veda, lively with the integrating and harmonizing value of Natural Law. Through Vedic Dance we align our physiology and consciousness with the Cosmic rhythms and patterns of Total Natural Law.

Vedic Dance can be seen as ‘flowing Yoga’. It enlivens the inner energy and intelligence in the body, unifying silence and dynamism, wholeness and parts, creating health and balance in the individual and the environment.

The Department is currently offering courses and performances in two styles of Vedic Dance, Kathak and Bharatanatyam with our faculty members Yagyaa Srivastava and Rebecca Busch. 


Here you can find information about the various courses in the Indian classical dance styles of Bharatnatyam and Kathak being currently offered by our faculty.

Scheduling and duration of courses are flexible. We are happy to work with you to design an ideal course for your group and location.

Please feel free to write to us! Scheduling and duration of Vedic Dance courses are flexible and the faculty will be happy to work with you to design an ideal course for your group and location.



Vedic Dance : Kathak for Beginners

An exclusive three–workshop series for increased bliss, harmony and health

Open to anyone. No prior training in dance required.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ji has said about Indian classical dance, that it is the most natural and complete technology for enlivening the relationship between transcendental, self–referral Being and its expression in the physiology.


In these weekend workshops, Vedic Dance teacher Yagyaa Srivastava will give an introduction to the profound knowledge and practical application of Indian classical dance.

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Vedic Dance
An Introduction to the Classical Indian dance form Bharata Natyam

Live Online conducted via Zoom

Open to all those who practice the Transcendental Meditation technique. Beginners are welcome, no previous dance training is necessary.


An interactive online course

  • Learn Vedic Dance with live instruction on Zoom
  • Access pre-recorded practice videos during and after the course
  • Connect your experience of dance with the knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science, the Science of Consciousness

In this 3 weekend course, Vedic Dance teacher Rebecca Busch will give an introduction to the profound knowledge and practical application of Indian classical dance.

coming soon

“We connect dance with Gandharva Veda, Yoga Asana, and Dhyan, and then it will become a part of Brahma Vidya. Different dance forms, different Ragas are assigned in different health situations and this will be called as Dance Therapy. People go to watch dance anyway and the Dance Therapy will serve as entertainment as well as there will be realistic transformation of their physiologies.” — Maharishi


Bharata Natyam performance by Rebecca Busch, at the Invincible Middle East Assembly, May 2016, Antalya, Turkey.

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Vedic Dance by Yagyaa Srivastava-  Kathak – Excerpts from Virtual Performance.
June 2021, Netherlands

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Vedic Dance Therapy