Travel, Accommodation and Catering Information

Our Address
MERU Station 24 6063 NP Vlodrop The Netherlands
Travelling to MERU Vlodrop

Our activities are held on our campus in Vlodrop-Station, with accommodation in nearby hotels and bungalow parks. 

If you have a car, driving to campus will be the easiest transportation option since MERU is fairly deep in the Meinweg National Park. 

For some courses transportation from certain hotels to campus will be organized.

Useful links to housing information:

NameAddressPhoneDistance from MERU

Hotel St. Ludwig

Station 22
6063NP Vlodrop
+31 475 53 30 2410 minutes walking distance

Boshotel Vlodrop

Boslaan 1
6063 NN Vlodrop
+31 475 53 49 593,0 km

B&B Roodbeeker Hof

Rothenbacherweg 4
6063 NJ Vlodrop
+31 475 53 14 135,3 km

Gitstapper Hof

Weg zur Gitstapper
Muehle 1
41849 Wassenberg
+49 160 98 49 60 825,5 km

Landhaus Effeld

Dorfstraße 5
41849 Wassenberg /Effeld
+49 243 22 09 817,1 km

Hotel Casa

Dorfstr. 9
41849 Wassenberg
+49 243 28 91 40 767,1 km

Bungalowpark Posterbos

Zwembadweg 2
6061 EZ Posterholt
+31 475 40 25 8914,1 km

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Travelling from Germany

One of the easiest ways to get to campus is to fly into Düsseldorf Airport and take a taxi or hired car to campus. The airport in Düsseldorf is about an hour’s drive to Vlodrop-Station. Participants have used the taxi company Rabbit Cab with success.

A less expensive, but longer, option is to take the train from Düsseldorf Airport to Dalheim, with a connection in Mönchengladbach Hbf. Once you reach Dalheim, it’s about a thirty-minute walk to Vlodrop campus – a beautiful walk in nice weather. You can book train tickets online in advance through this site, which is less expensive than buying them in person. Note that when booking on, you’ll want to select the train station with the single word ‘Dalheim’.

Click here for the walking directions from Dalheim train station to Vlodrop campus.

Travelling from the Netherlands

Another popular route is to fly into the airport Amsterdam Schipol, and to take the Dutch trains to Roermond. There will be one stop, usually in Utrecht. The trip from Amsterdam airport to Roermond is a little more than two hours and costs about thirty euros one way. From Roermond, you can then take a taxi to reach Vlodrop campus, which takes about twenty-five minutes.

Alternatively, you can fly into Eindhoven or Maastricht airports, which are closer to Roermond than Amsterdam but have fewer connections.

To plan your trip within The Netherlands to Roermond, visit the Dutch transportation website. You can use Rabbit Cab to book your taxi ride ahead of time, or take one of the cabs at the Roermond train station.

Travelling from Belgium

The biggest airport in Belgium is Brussels Airport. From there, you have a few options to get to MERU.

You can take the train through Belgium to Maastricht, and then take the Dutch train to Roermond using the Belgian train site and the Dutch transportation site to plan your trips. You can alternatively take an inexpensive bus from Brussels Airport with Flixbus to Roermond, which generally goes once per day, or take a bus to Roermond through the German operator DB Bahn.

From Roermond, it’s easiest to take a taxi to reach our Vlodrop campus. You can use the Dutch taxi company Rabbit Cab to book your taxi ride or take one of the cabs at the Roermond train station.

Planning your trip back home

As there is no wi-fi and spotty phone reception on campus, it’s ideal to plan your trip before you arrive, using the above information.

If you need to call a cab from campus, you’re welcome to ask the security guard at reception to call a taxi for you.

Meals at the MERU

Meals are provided in the dining halls. A separate course dining hall is available for lunch and dinner for course participants.

Meals: €22 per day or €11 per meal.