Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Dr Tony Nader, MD, PhD

Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR

Maharishi AyurVeda Panchakarma

‘Ayurveda prescribes the system of panchakarma—to eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body, season after season, so that the basis of disorder will not continue in the next season. This purification process is very necessary’. —Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


Maharishi AyurVeda Panchakarma treatments rejuvenate and purify your body of toxins and impurities and enhance your Ojas and Sattwa. They enliven your body’s own inner intelligence to bring about good health and well-being. All treatments at our Maharishi AyurVeda Centres are done according to authentic, traditional procedures as prescribed by Ayurvedic experts.

Panchakarma programmes include a personalised light cleansing diet and several consecutive days of deeply relaxing, luxurious Ayurvedic cleansing treatments such as warm oil massages, herbal steam baths and mild herbal enemas.

Panchakarma treatments are carefully selected according to individual health requirements. The full range of Maharishi Panchakarma treatments is only offered under the supervision of a licensed physician (MD, or DO) who has trained extensively in Maharishi AyurVeda and often has an Ayurvedic physician from India (Vaidya) acting as a consultant.



“In a person whose digestive system has been cleansed and purified, the metabolism is stimulated, disease is reduced, and normal health is maintained. Sense organs, mind, intellect and complexion are improved; strength, good nourishment, healthy progeny and potency are the result. Symptoms of ageing do not appear so easily, and the person lives long and free from disorders. For this reason, elimination therapy should be carried out correctly and at the right time.”

—Charaka Samhita



Maharishi AyurVeda Panchakarma Technician

The course to train as a Maharishi Ayurveda Panchakarma therapist is offered in the form of two full-time knowledge blocks of three weeks each and two phases of practicing as an assistant therapist on a salaried basis. Altogether, this amounts to approximately 1000 practical and theoretical teaching hours.

During the first three weeks of full-time training, you will learn the majority of the many different massage techniques. Then follows a practice phase of 3–4 months, during which you’ll work as an assistant therapist, under the guidance of our experienced therapists, here at the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center in Bad Ems. The learned massages and applications are practiced further and consolidated through daily patient treatments.

Simultaneously, you will gain basic and indispensable knowledge of human anatomy and physiology through the 3-month online course “Anatomy and Physiology”.

After that, the second block of three weeks of full-time training is offered.

Next follows the second phase as an assistant therapist, to integrate and consolidate the newly-learned treatments, which completes your training as a full-fledged Maharishi Ayurveda Therapist.

As part of the course, you’ll also learn self-pulse reading and the basics of nutrition, digestion, and prevention.

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