Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Dr Tony Nader, MD, PhD

Tony Nader, MD, PhD, MARR

Maharishi Vastu® Architecture


Fortune-Creating® homes and buildings worldwide


Maharishi Vastu architecture ensures that a building or community will have only nourishing influences on its occupants. This results from the use of several key natural law-based, Vedic principles:

1. Right Direction: The orientation of a building has a dramatic and easily-measured impact upon the quality of life of its occupants. The sun’s energy is most nourishing when it is rising. East facing buildings bring the greatest benefits to the health and success of their occupants.

2. Right Placement of Rooms: The sun has differing qualities of energy as it moves across the sky. Fortune-Creating buildings are designed so that the differing activities that we perform within the various rooms of a home are aligned with the appropriate quality of the sun.

3. Right Proportion: Proportion is a key to successful design in nature. Right proportion and measurement in buildings strengthen the connection of our individual intelligence to Cosmic Intelligence.

4. Natural and Nontoxic Materials and Solar Energy: An important component of Maharishi Vedic architecture is building sustainably with natural, non-toxic materials suitable to the local climatic conditions. This includes using materials such as wood, brick, rammed earth and adobe, as well as natural finishes such as clay stucco, marble, ceramic tile, natural fiber for carpets, curtains and furniture, and healthy, natural, non-toxic paints and glues.

5. Maharishi Vastu also take into consideration other important influences, such as:
    – Slope of the land
    – Shape of the land
    – Unobstructed rising sun
    – Influences in the environment, including water bodies
    – Auspicious timing

Special Elements of Maharishi Vastu Buildings
Maharishi Vastu buildings feature several unique elements.


Brahmasthan — Many structures in nature have a silent core of intelligence, and the activity of the structure is arranged around this core. We see this in the structure of galaxies, solar systems, cells, and atoms. This core is called a Brahmasthan, or place where wholeness resides.

As in the structures of nature there is also a Brahmasthan in a Fortune-Creating building. This element helps the building to become a holistic structure of Natural Law.

Cities, towns, and countries designed with Maharishi Vedic architecture also have Brahmasthans so that every citizen is connected with the wholeness of Cosmic life.

Proper placement to align the activities in a home with the differing qualities of the sun

The strongest influence of Natural Law on earth comes from the sun. As it crosses the sky it generates differing qualities of energy. Homes should be designed so that the different energies of the sun correspond to the specific function and activity in each room, and in this way natural law will support every aspect of our daily activity. There is an ideal place for the living room, the kitchen, the meditation room, the study, etc. in any home.

When these laws of nature are properly applied then, for example, when one enters the study one will feel more alert, in the living room one will feel naturally convivial, and when one enters the meditation room one’s mind will naturally settle inward to enjoy the benefits of meditation.

Maharishi Vedic architecture considers these factors of right placement to ensure that every aspect of daily activity in the home or office building is in harmony with Natural Law.

Proper orientation to due east to receive the nourishing influence of the rising sun

The human brain is sensitive to orientation, and responds positively to the influence of the rising sun. When one faces east, the brain physiology functions differently than when one is facing north, south, or west. This natural tendency of the brain to function with reference to direction follows the same laws of Maharishi Vedic architecture that guide the structuring dynamics of creation, underlying all individual and cosmic values that sustain order in the universe.

The proportions of Nature are used in the design of the home

When a house is designed the dimensions of the building are calculated using the ancient mathematical formulas of Vastu Vidya of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda architecture. These Vedic formulas take into consideration, among other factors, the relationship of the house owner with the sun, moon, planets, and stars to ensure a perfect resonance between the cosmic structures and all components of the house.




Fundamentals of Vastu Living - Recorded Seminar

A comprehensive and complete seminar on Maharishi Vastu – Vedic Architecture – held by Dr Eike Hartmann and his daughter Lila Maria Hartmann-Stein together with Hannu Siika-aho

The seminar is composed of four sessions of about 1.5 hours each with lectures, exercises, questions and answers and selected talks by Maharishi.

1. Fundamentals of Maharishi Vastu and Vastu Living
The power of Vastu structured in Consciousness, Veda and the Unified Field, aligned with the global and cosmic structure and verified by neuroscience and geoscience.
2. House Design and Housing Developments
Four basic types of houses and design principles of orientation, proportion and placement. Home owners reporting and quality of life studies on success, health and well-being.
3. Planning a peace palace for your city and country
with practical exercises, summary of our network of peace palaces and the business report of peace palace directors.
4. Vedic Architecture in ancient cities and temples / Explaining the procedures and steps of a Vastu consultation




Fortune-Creating® homes and buildings worldwide

“Vedic architecture will promote thinking and behaviour in accord with Natural Law to prevent chaos, conflict, and failure.”

“Sthapatya Veda provides the knowledge to connect the individual with his cosmic potential.”

—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi