Maharishi AyurVeda Aroma Therapy Foundation Course


“We will create perfect health and Heaven on Earth through the beautiful fragrance of flowers” —Maharishi

23 July – 9 August 2023


You will experience the powerful effects of a number of pure essential oils first-hand and learn how to apply them to significantly increase your physical, mental and emotional well-being and promote spiritual growth.

Online with Andréia Castilho
and guest speakers

Available in English

Course Fee: 250 €

(There is a reduced price for lower-income countries, please see the application form.)

Cost of the Vedaroma Kit: 99 €
The Vedaroma kit is mandatory and the deadline for ordering it is 8 July, 2023
To order the KIT click here



About the Course

Orange essential oil

In everything we do, we seek to fulfil the purpose of life: to enjoy. This is possible through the ancient wisdom of a natural system promoting holistic psychological and physical health and well-being for a long, happy, healthy life: Maharishi AyurVeda.

The Maharishi AyurVeda Aroma Therapy (MAAT) Foundation Course is for everyone who wants to improve their physical, mental, and emotional health in an easy, blissful, yet profound way.

Aroma Therapy is the use of essential oils to heal. By enlivening our own inner intelligence, we restore wholeness and balance in body, mind and emotions. Ultimately, the goal of achieving a holistic, balanced state of health is the creation of Heaven on Earth.

Applicants who don’t yet practice the Transcendental Meditation technique are required to
watch a short online course on the principles of Maharishi AyurVeda before the start of the
MAAT Foundation Course. With the confirmation of your application, you will receive the link
to watch the lectures.

Our Uniqueness

We are not like everyone else. Each person is a unique physiological and psychological expression of consciousness, the unified field of Natural Law. Aroma Therapy based on Maharishi AyurVeda gives us a time-tested method through which the innate intelligence in the herb awakens the inner intelligence of our mind and body in a personalised way that is also natural, effortless and pleasant.

What you will learn

Among the knowledge and skills that you will acquire on this course are: how to choose and apply a special selection of essential oils to balance the Doshas and to promote one’s health and happiness, as well as the health and happiness of family members and friends. MAAT consultants may also wish to take this course as a refresher.

You will experience the powerful effects of a number of pure essential oils first-hand and learn how to choose and apply them according to your constitution to not only significantly increase your physical, mental and emotional well-being but also to promote spiritual growth.

You will receive a wealth of interesting knowledge about essential oils: their properties, applications, their history, chemistry and existing scientific research, including the unique EEG research with essential oils carried out by Dr Keith Wallace and Dr Alarik Arenander.

Online Sessions
Total Hours

Course Structure

  • 18 online lectures, daily from 23 July to 9 August
  • Lectures in the evening (8-10 PM, Central European Summer Time) – attendance is required
  • Especially selected lectures by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who brought Transcendental
    Meditation and Maharishi AyurVeda to the whole world
  • Exercises to test the knowledge
  • Experience of a selection of essential oils (from the kit)
  • A written test will be offered at the end of the course, which will serve to solidify the knowledge and assess skills for those who wish to be certified and continue with phase 1 of Consultant Training


Attendance is required for those who wish to receive a certificate and the Vedaroma Kit is a requirement for all course participants.

Course participants will be connected via Zoom.

Please note that this course includes daily online exercises and feedback from the teacher, which aim at enabling the participants to pass the test and are, therefore, part of the training of consultants. For this reason, attendance is a requirement and the recordings of the lectures will be available on demand for viewing later only to those who do not wish to receive the certificate of completion.

Tolu Balm
Feedback from previous course participants

“The Foundation course was one of the most personally useful courses I have taken in years. Learning about essential oils in the light of Maharishi Ayurveda and how they can be safely used to promote Dosha balance and improve health has been invaluable. And working with the oils has proven to be very blissful.”
G.J., Canada

“The Foundation course opened the doors to the beautiful world of essential oils to me. I had the chance to help my child with appropriate essential oils, and since then, EOs have been a sure part of my everyday life. Also, thanks to this course, I realised how EOs help me be more self-confident, happier – be more the real me. The Foundation course was the beginning of a very great and enjoyable journey to the world of essential oils, and I am really grateful for that.”
I.H., Estonia

“The Foundation Course gave me incredible joy, a wealth of theoretical and practical knowledge. After just a few lessons I knew how to choose oils for myself and my family. I quickly realised that Maharishi Aroma Therapy is not only the magic of scents, a feast for the senses, but, above all, a powerful tool, giving balance, health and transcendence. After the Foundation Course, I was sure I wanted to continue my studies to become a Consultant to help people. Aroma Therapy fascinated me; it became my passion, my love and my new profession. “
K.M., Poland

MAAT Consultant Training

The complete training consists of three courses:
  • Foundation Course:  23 July–9 August, 2023 (live online)
  • Consultant Training Course, Phase I:  10 September – 14 October (live online with classes and presentation of case studies every other day)
  • Consultant Training Course Phase II: 23 November–4 December 2023 (in residence)


The Foundation Course is a pre-requisite for those who seek to practice Aroma Therapy as a profession. The requirement to give consultations to the public is the successful completion of all the phases of Maharishi AyurVeda Aroma Therapy Consultant Training.

Cost-benefit and demand for aroma therapy

Essential oils are compounds of aromatic substances. Their fragrances can quickly uplift us, cheer us up, calm and relax us; enliven, motivate, and inspire us; harmonise and balance our emotions; dispel fatigue and tensions; support a healthy appetite, good digestion, sound sleep, mental clarity, creativity; promote feelings of happiness, and much more.

They promote all those benefits effortlessly and quickly, and their advantageous cost-benefit makes them an ideal and popular alternative health-promoting therapy.

Demand for Aroma Therapy is increasing rapidly around the world, both as an adjunct therapy in hospitals and clinics and used as a stand-alone treatment in private practice.

This course is beneficial for everyone. Whether you wish to learn how to use essential oils for yourself and your family and friends, or if you want to make this a profession, everyone is welcome!

Anise essential oil

About the Faculty

Andréia Castilho

Andréia Castilho has a B.A. in Business Administration from Maharishi International University (MIU), USA, an MBA in People Management and extensive management experience in many areas, such as Vedic organic agriculture. She has trained in several modalities of Maharishi AyurVeda, including advanced Maharishi Aroma Therapy with Dr Rosie Geelvink. In addition, Andréia has worked on promoting VedAroma products, and with Dr Nadine Thomas, on producing course content and teaching Maharishi Aroma Therapy at MERU and in other countries. She is the Head of the Department of Maharishi AyurVeda Aroma Therapy at the Maharishi College of Perfect Health International.

(other course leaders to be confirmed)

Housing, Meals and Travel Information

Our Address
MERU Station 24 6063 NP Vlodrop The Netherlands

The price for the meals at MERU for the 7 days of the course will be 120 EURO. Please note that this means € 20/day plus dinner on 21 June and lunch on 27 June (€20 per day or €10 per meal).

Meals are provided in the dining halls. A separate course dining hall is available for lunch and dinner for course participants.


For the accommodation during the MAAT Foundation course from 21 to 27 June there are several possibilities.

Hotel “St. Ludwig” in Vlodrop:

At 5 minutes walking distance from the MERU campus,
basic standard,
– Single room with shared bathroom for 39,50 EURO per night, for 6 nights 237,00 EURO.

Ask us for availability of twin and double rooms. 

“B&B Roodbeeker Hof/ Schoenmakers” in Vlodrop:

5 km from MERU campus,

higher standard,
– Single room with private bathroom for 83,80 EURO per night, for 6 nights 502,80 EURO

“Hotel Casa (Altstadt)” in Effeld:

7 km from MERU campus,
medium standard,
– Single room with private bathroom for 55 EURO per night, for 6 nights 330 EURO
– Twin room with bathroom for 89 EURO per night, 44,50 EURO per person per night, for 6 nights 267 EURO per person
– Double room with bathroom for 85 € per night, for 6 nights 510 EURO for both partners together
It’s very important to let us know as soon as possible if you want to choose one of these rooms we have reserved for the course. You can do this by filling out and submitting the form here.
Of course, you can choose other accommodation, but then you have to take care of the daily transport to the course facility yourself: MERU, Station 24, 6063 NP Vlodrop, The Netherlands.
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

‘‘The ability to metabolise all sensory experience into the experience of bliss is the ability for prevention. All the five channels of perception — the five senses — must be so clear that all experiences through any of the five senses always inspire bliss.’’

— Maharishi Mahesh Yogi