Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems Phase I Part 3 In-Residence

Learn the Application of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems,
a Powerful, Health-Promoting Technology

3 – 19 June 2023


Developing Skills to Master the Whole Range of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems Practice


Joachim, Iris and Orelia Roller

and guest speakers

Available in English and German

Course Fee: 1.500 €

(There is a reduced price for lower-income countries; please see the application form.)

The 17-day course fee excludes meals and accommodation. It should be noted that many MLG practitioners are able to recover the cost of the course quite quickly once they start giving treatments.

The course is open to TM teachers. Sidhas may also attend if they have a background in health.
A prerequisite for taking this course is, that you have successfully completed Phase I, Part 1 (available online on demand from 15 April 2023 onwards). Phase I, Part 2 is optional to deepen the knowledge and will be offered online on demand from August 2023 on.


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About the Course

We warmly invite you to join this special training course that happens only once a year.

In this comprehensive training, you will learn the applications of Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems, a powerful, health-promoting technology developed by Joachim and Iris Roller under Maharishi’s guidance.

During this priceless training, you will dive deep into the intellectual understanding, subjective experience, and practical applications of this profound knowledge. Upon successfully completing the course, you’ll be certified to give Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems treatments to healthy people and those with minor imbalances, the first phase of a rewarding career as a Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems practitioner.

Orelia and Judit
Feedback from MLG treatments
"The MLG treatment was so relaxing and extremely helpful for my strong back pain. I enjoyed it so much and it also gave me peace of mind. I´ve remembered who I really am and how much joy I naturally carry in my soul. I became aware of my natural state of mind."
– Federico G. Franco, MERU
Total Days
Hours of Practice
Hours of Lectures

The Course Includes

Training to Offer Professional Treatments
After successful completion of this course, participants will become practitioners of MLG at the Phase 1 level. They will be qualified to give treatments to healthy people and those with minor imbalances. Many practitioners have found that giving treatments is not only extremely rewarding personally but is also a wonderful way to support their TM Centre.
Subjective Experience Through MLG Sessions
One of the most powerful aspects of this training is that participants themselves experience MLG sessions during the course. This, together with daily group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programmes, means that as participants grow in their knowledge, they also grow in their experiences and the development of consciousness.
Intellectual Understanding
This course will include two weeks of profound knowledge: how gems are formed, their health and spiritual benefits, their relationship to the Grahas in Jyotish, and much more. After successfully completing the course, participants will be qualified to give introductory talks on MLG so they can share the benefits of this powerful technology with others.
Comfortable, Supportive Environment
Many of the course meetings will be offered in the supportive environment of the Maharishi Peace Palaces, which allows for ideal learning and spiritual growth with its Vastu architecture. Some practical sessions and housing will be held in our nearby facility to allow for maximal rest and comfort.
Practical Training for Long-Term Success
Participants will learn all the practicalities of giving successful treatments. After completion of the course, graduates will be eligible for future advanced training. They will also be a part of the global community of MLG practitioners to help support their growth and success.

Course Equipment

A set of gem beamers is required to give treatments after the course. You can order the equipment before the course starts (direct take-away after the course will save you shipping costs – depending on the region, shipping might be up to 500 EUR). Please email to place your order and for further information.

To the Gem Beamer Set

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There are three types of beamer sets:

Standard Size (one gem on each beamer): 8.500€* Premium Size (bigger gems than in the standard set): 12.700€* Big Beamers (with 12 gems in each beamer): 70.000€*
All sets come with precious, natural gemstones of high quality. 
Each set contains the beamers, a stand and holders.

Plus shipping and VAT (for Europe)
*21% VAT
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To the Gem Beamer Set

For Details click here!

There are three types of beamer sets:

Standard Size (one gem on each beamer): 8.000€*

Premium Size (bigger gems than in the standard set): 12.000€*

Big Beamers (with 12 gems in each beamer): 70.000€*

Plus shipping and VAT (for Europe)
*21% VAT
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Course Structure

Every Day for 2 Weeks.
Course Schedule: Central European Standard Time
3 June 2023Arrival & Check-In
4-18 June 2023Receiving treatments and learning how to give treatments, lectures
4 June 2023 First lecture and practice
18 June 2023 Graduation ceremony
19 June 2023 Check out

“The information that is absorbed from the environment in very deep and very rare places on earth are brought into the specific structure, the micro-structure of the gem.”
— John S. Hagelin, PhD (Quantum Physicist)

Travel Information

Our Address
MERU Station 24 6063 NP Vlodrop The Netherlands
Travelling to MERU Vlodrop

Our activities are mainly held on our MERU Campus in Vlodrop, with accommodation in nearby hotels and bungalow parks. 

If you have a car, driving to campus will be the easiest transportation option since MERU is fairly deep in the Meinweg National Park. It is, however, possible to use public transportation to lower the overall cost of your trip.

More information about travel and accommodation.

About the Faculty

Joachim and Iris Roller

Joachim and Iris Roller are the heads of the Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems (MLG) Department and are the faculty for this course. Professor Joachim Roller, a gemologist and jeweller, developed MLG over 30 years under the guidance of Maharishi.

After years of working as a prestigious jewellery designer, including a period as a chief designer at Christian Dior, Joachim learned Transcendental Meditation and became a Governor. He and his wife, Iris, instructed over 800 people in the TM technique. Soon afterwards, Joachim met with Maharishi and asked him how he might use gemstones to promote better health and the development of consciousness. Maharishi advised him to look into Ayurveda, India’s traditional healthcare system. Joachim took Maharishi’s advice and began his 30-year quest to create a practical, modern technology that could bring the benefits of gemstones to everyone. With Maharishi’s guidance, he succeeded, and MLG is now available in numerous countries across the world.

Today, Joachim and his wife Iris oversee the development of MLG worldwide and have together trained over 200 practitioners of MLG over the years. They have conducted Phase I of the training course more than 20 times, refining the material each year.


Orelia Roller

Orelia Roller is the daughter of Iris and Joachim and grew up with Maharishi’s techniques and MLG. After attending university and studying music, she undertook a four-year training to become a goldsmith and gemstone setter. She loves the benefits MLG is giving the people, and it is her great honour to carry this wisdom to the next generation.

(other course leaders to be confirmed)
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

” Now is the time to open the door of Total Knowledge and give everyone in the world that royal ruler ship of life, where total Natural Law will be the guiding light of all thought and action. “

- Maharishi Mahesh Yogi